Deck Services in Wilmington, DE: Deck Staining, Resurfacing & Repair Services

Installing deck patio construction. boards with above ground deck

A simple deck can make all the difference in your Wilmington property. When it comes to our deck services, we hire only the top certified and qualified contractors to get the job done. Here at CB Home Improvements, we’re not only equipped to handle a simple deck resurfacing and repair, but we also carry out our deck staining and railing installation for both residential and commercial properties.

A Company That Brings You Everything You Deserve

We understand that when hiring deck services of any kind, our customers look for three main things: cost-effective services, personable staff members, and quality products. When you pair up with our Wilmington team, you receive all that and more with our deck services. We’ve built a reputation of hard work and dedication to our customers, and we won’t stop now.

A new wooden, timber deck being constructed. it is partially completed. two drill can be seen on the decking.

Let Us Help Rebuild Your Deck

Deck resurfaces involved replacing the deck boards, railings, and, sometimes even, stairs while still keeping the foundation intact. Harsh weather is the most common factors causing wear. By ignoring the signs hinting you need deck resurfacing, you could be putting individuals at risk — especially at a commercial space. Don’t wait; let our Wilmington team protect those around you.

Fragment planks installing wood floor for patio deck with new wooden decking

We Restore Your Deck To Ensure A Lasting Lifespan

Needing board replacement or deck repair is nobody’s fault. There are many various reasons your deck can become damaged; most are a result of poor weather. However, it’s important to note that continual maintenance is required for decks to avoid severe repair, such as discoloration due to dirt buildup. If you need board replacement or repair on your deck, our Wilmington team has the proper practices to get your property looking stunning again quickly.

View of a classic backyard wooden deck with black metal balustrades railing and white columns on an American single family home

Installing A Deck Rail Is Never A Bad Idea

Inadequate deck railings can quickly become a health hazard. Whether it’s for your home or business, our railing installers have years of experience behind them to bring you a sturdy rail around any deck. Installing a deck railing or replacing an old faulty railing can add elegance as well as protection to any Wilmington property.

Let Us Improve Your Home or Business

Paint the porch with orange paint. Decorate the terrace. Paint the boards with a wide brush. To make repairs. A man works with a brush.

Deck Stain Not Only Protects; It Illuminates Your Property

An unparalleled stunning outdoor space is something all Wilmington property owners strive for. Our team works hard to maximize your deck’s appearance with outstanding staining services. Our finish not only allows the texture and rich colors of the wood to pop, but it also creates a waterproof seal to protect against weather related issues.

Wholly Satisfying Home Improvements in Wilmington, DE

With CB Home Improvements, you can see your dream become a reality. Our outstanding carpentry and repair services are built to provide satisfaction through affordability and excellence. Every service we provide to the Wilmington area is designed to deliver satisfaction from start to finish. No matter the project, you’ll be pleased with the result and price. For a licensed and insured team that will transform your Wilmington property, put CB Home Improvements on the job.

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